<aside> 💡 At Nectir, our mission is to make quality education accessible to every student in the world. We are proud to be part of a global community of innovators who have dedicated their time and efforts into building the education system we all deserve. Even though we’ve got the community part covered, there is still lots more to do to bring equity and accessibility to learning environments everywhere. Climate change, in particular, continues to have an increasingly devastating effect on global education. The purpose of Nectir Gives Back is to support grassroots movements that are directly working on the ground to improve learning communities around the world. Each quarter, we will highlight and put our funds towards one charity, organization, or project that is hand-selected by the Nectir Team.


Spring 2022 — The Yuzu Project in San Isidro, Philippines


This Spring, we are proud to be working with the Yuzu Project team to help rebuild and supply the San Isidro Elementary School located in the Philippines. The San Isidro Elementary School is located in the center of the village and currently is run by 6 teachers who are responsible for the education of roughly 170 students. Every few years, the school is devastated by typhoons that leave them with holes in the ceilings, no electricity, and damaged structures that are unsafe for the students and educators. The Yuzu Project team has been on the ground at San Isidro, working to find ways to improve their electricity supply and provide the school with new solar panels, a computer room, and safer infrastructure. Our teams both believe that the future effects of climate change will only make it harder for remote communities like San Isidro to continue existing. Supporting the education of these children is the best way to ensure their future economic growth and stability.

If you would like to join Nectir in our donation and support to the San Isidro Elementary School and the Yuzu Project team, please share this page with your communities. All together, we can help build the learning environment that the students and teachers of San Isidro deserve.



See the Yuzu Project team in action in the village of San Isidro here on their Instagram!

About the Yuzu Project Team:

We are 8 students of 7 different nationalities, based in 5 different universities, with varying backgrounds (Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering) from all around the world.

We all have the same vision: to give energy access to everyone. Which brings us to the same program of EIT InnoEnergy Masters Sustainable Energy systems, where we teamed up for our project of the year. In collaboration with Okra Solar, AEIC, and ILAW – the Yuzu Team aims to design and implement a mini-grid upgrade introducing new sustainable technologies into the energy mix. The location of the mini-grid is at San Isidro, the Philippines. Since the installation, there have been problems with the grid reliability and performance. Due to the low solar potential during typhoon season, the clusters experience blackouts. Therefore, there is a need to hybridize the grid: adding a different sustainable source of electricity.

Along the project, Team Yuzu learned that every few years the school gets hit by strong typhoons, leaving damaged structures and holes in the classroom ceilings, which the school doesn’t have the budget to repair. On top of that, the school is without electricity!

Education is such a powerful tool and combined with energy access can create real long term impact. The potential we have to change the lives of so many is very tangible with even small donations.